5 Great Reasons You Should Hire Industry-Certified Applicants

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1. Certifications Demonstrate Initiative

Individuals who have attained an industry certification have exhibited initiative and a desire for self-improvement. Investing time and effort into earning a certification displays ambition and dedication to one’s career. It also signals candidates possess the drive to set and achieve goals.

2. Certifications Validate Job Skills

Industry certifications validate individuals have acquired essential knowledge and skills required to enter specialized occupations or industries. Candidates are assessed based on weighted industry-valued and industry-accepted standards and are therefore considered career-ready.

3. Certifications Ensure Up-to-Date Industry Knowledge

Industry certifications are regularly reviewed to ensure they adapt to changes in the labor market and reflect competencies and skills aligned to current high-demand, high-wage occupations. This ensures a certification holder is aware of the most recent industry trends and developments.

4. Certifications Reduce Onboarding Time & Costs

Because candidates who obtain industry certifications have proven foundational knowledge and skills, they require less onboarding, reducing time and expenses. Employers can be confident certified applicants are familiar with terminology and procedures within a specific industry.


5. Certifications are Good for Business

When certifications are listed on a résumé, it makes it easier for employers to identify high-quality, well-prepared applicants. It also indicates candidates are committed to a specific field. Finding qualified candidates reduces turnover and increases productivity, which saves businesses time, energy and money.