Animal Science


The Animal Science course prepares students for a career in the field of animal science. Students will cover topics like Advanced Animal Genetics, Management Practices and much more.

ico_totallessons.svg Total Lessons 36
ico_projact.svg Projects & Activities 281
ico_assessments.svg Assessments 124

SAMPLE LESSON | Advanced Animal Genetics

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.


  • The Livestock Industry  
  • Farm to Plate      
  • Field Trip: U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
  • Livestock Judging Fundamentals
  • Beef Grading: Quality    
  • Advanced Quality Grading: Slaughter Cattle
  • Evaluating Ready-to-Cook Turkeys & Broilers
  • Basic Reproduction of Animals
  • Livestock Reproduction
  • Advanced Animal Genetics        
  • Animal Behavior
  • Beef Cattle Management Practices      
  • Sheep Management Practices  
  • Swine Management Practices   
  • Goat Management Practices     
  • Livestock Breeding Systems      
  • External Anatomy of Livestock: Terms & Terminology          
  • Nervous, Skeletal & Muscular Systems
  • Basic Animal Reproduction       
  • Basic Poultry Reproduction      
  • Digestive System            
  • Circulatory & Respiratory Systems      
  • Endocrine, Immune & Integumentary Systems
  • Advanced Livestock Nutrition   
  • Digestive Systems of Livestock: A Basic Look  
  • Common Animal Diseases         
  • Parasites of Livestock    
  • Prenatal Animal Growth & Development        
  • Introduction to Biotechnology  
  • Biotechnology: Fetal Programming      
  • Animals & Society           
  • Hot Topics - Animal Welfare     
  • Environmental Issues: Animal Systems
  • Harvesting of Livestock
  • EXCEL Beef Plant: Slaughter    
  • EXCEL Pork Plant: Slaughter